Make Automatic Hourly Scans For Rootkits In Your Linux Server


What is a Rootkit Virus?
A rootkit is a type of software designed to hide the fact that an operating system has been compromised, sometimes by replacing vital executables. Rootkits allow viruses and malware to “hide in plain sight” by disguising as necessary files that your antivirus software will overlook. Rootkits themselves are not harmful; they are simply used to hide malware, bots and worms. Rootkits get their name from the Unix term for the primary administrator account called “root” and “kits,” which refer to the software pieces that implement the tool. To install a rootkit, an attacker must first gain access to the root account by using an exploit or obtaining the password by cracking it or social engineering. Rootkits were originally used in the early 1990’s and targeted UNIX operating systems. Today, rootkits are available for many other operating systems, including Windows. Because rootkits are activated before your operating system even boots up, they are very difficult to detect and therefore provide a powerful way for attackers to access and use the targeted computer without the owner’s notice. Due to the way rootkits are used and installed, they are notoriously difficult to remove. Rootkits today usually are not used to gain elevated access, but instead are used to mask malware payloads more effectively.

What Is a Cron Job?

cron is a Linux utility which schedules a command or script on your server to run automatically at a specified time and date. A cron job is the scheduled task itself. Cron jobs can be very useful to automate repetitive tasks.

For example, you can set a cron job to delete temporary files every week to conserve your disk space. Some programs, such as Drupal, may even require you to set up a cron job to perform certain functions.

Scripts executed as a cron job are typically used to modify files or databases. However, they can perform other tasks that do not modify data on the server, like sending out email notifications.

Lets start !

First of all lets install the required software (this stand for ubuntu users you may figure out how to use it for other distros )

  • apt-get install nano
  • apt-get install chkrootkit
  • apt-get install rkhunter

Then go to your bin folder by typing this

  • cd /user/bin

After type this

  • nano scheck

paste this code

# chkrootkit should be installed install it using apt-get install chkrootkit 
#rkhunter should be installed install it using apt-get install rkhunter
apt-get upgrade chkrootkit
chkrootkit -x
apt-get upgrade RKHunter
rkhunter --update
rkhunter --propupd
rkhunter -c --sk

and then save

Now we have to set it to be Ran every hour

  • Crontab -e @Hourly  secheck

now your server will be running Cronjobs to check for rootkits every hour.





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rkhunter send email
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rkhunter no update
rkhunter no output from the ‘lsattr’ command
rkhunter no copy of the passwd file exists
rkhunter no output found from the lsmod command
rkhunter network_ports_disable_paths
rkhunter nocolors
rkhunter nagios
rkhunter no hash value found for file
rkhunter no mail-on-warning address configured
rkhunter no mail-on-warning option has been configured
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ovh rkhunter
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rkhunter please inspect this machine
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rkhunter proxy
rkhunter plesk
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rkhunter /proc/modules’ is missing
rkhunter performing file properties checks
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rkhunter suspscan
rkhunter suspicious file types found in /dev
rkhunter scan command
rkhunter start
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rkhunter tutorial
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rkhunter the file properties have changed
rkhunter tripwire
rkhunter the file hash value has changed
rkhunter ubuntu tutoriel
rkhunter the scriptdir configuration option has not been set by the installer
rkhunter the local host configuration or operating system has changed
rkhunter the following processes are using deleted files
rkhunter the o/s name or version has changed since the last run
telecharger rkhunter
tutoriel rkhunter
tiger rkhunter
rkhunter disable test
rkhunter ubuntu
rkhunter update failed
rkhunter unhide
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lynis vs rkhunter
clamav vs rkhunter
rkhunter i18n.ver
rkhunter update via proxy
rkhunter whitelist
rkhunter warning the file properties have changed
rkhunter warning hidden directory found /dev/.udev
rkhunter warning suspicious file types found in /dev
rkhunter wiki
rkhunter warning /usr/bin/unhide.rb
rkhunter warning hidden directory found /etc/.java
rkhunter wikipedia
rkhunter warning possible promiscuous interfaces
rkhunter wget
rkhunter webmin
rkhunter warning user has been added to the passwd file
rkhunter warning checking for prerequisites
rkhunter warning hidden directory found
rkhunter webmin module
rkhunter warning rsyslog configuration file allows remote logging
rkhunter warning found enabled inetd service
rkhunter xzibit rootkit
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chkrootkit 0.48-8_amd64.deb
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chkrootkit /usr/bin/find head’ terminated by signal 13
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chkrootkit benutzen
chkrootkit befehle
chkrootkit conf
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crontab not working
crontab ne fonctionne pas
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crontab nohup
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crontab ne se déclenche pas
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crontab no mta installed discarding output
crontab null
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crontab no space left on device
crontab ne s execute pas
crontab nmon
crontab not allowed to use this program
crontab online
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crontab osx
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crontab unknown uid 0
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